Jazz, and jazz-inspired music

Billie Holiday, 1946 NYC

Ask Gen-Z what is African American music, and most people would say hip-hop. But let’s not forget jazz. This is a place for everything jazz and jazz-inspired. It is not limited to African American artists, but they will be featured prominently, being pioneers of this genre after all.

Subgenres of jazz:

Dorothy Ashby: Misty, Afro-harping

When I see African American women artists from mid 20th-century I often wonder what daily injustices they had to deal with, various ways their voices could have been silenced…Made me appreciate their music all the more. This came from her album Afro-Harping.

Misty, as played by Erroll Garner himself

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Oscar Peterson Trio

Work music of the day. Sadly Singapore is back to Phase 2 (max 5 in social gatherings). I look forward to the day I can go to jazz bars again!