Housekeeping Backlog

I’m trying to make this as collaborative as possible, help is greatly appreciated.


Prettier theme
Create and upload new logos Request link: Plateia needs cool logos and color palette
Make the Summer color palette tolerable, improve other palettes @RaitoYagami working on it
Deal with category colors


Clean up old docker containers and set up cloudwatch alarms the disk is filling up :see_no_evil:
Fix Email Server @LeftOnMars working on it, progress blocked by AWS
Fine-tune Backup function
Add social media log-in (invite only)
Add GitHub - gdpelican/retort: A reactions plugin for Discourse plugin
Cooler descriptions for each catagory
Add Checklist Plugin
Add mathematics plugin
Send user guide to users after they finished registration
Mobile apps

Build a community

Write a guide for asking questions
Fine tune privacy policy
Fine tune FAQ/Guideline, consolidate with welcome message
Fine tune Terms of Service
Invite a bunch of bros when site is stable Party!

Abandoned Ideas

Always allow changing username
All the references and mentions before the name change will be broken, thus should be discouraged. Users are allowed to change their username 10 days after registration. After 10 days, users can still reach out to Admins to change their username.

Remove the optional name field in registration process
Although we all want to give users maximum amount of privacy, some people want to build personal brand through “Learning in Public”, just like what they do on platforms like Twitter. We should allow them to do so, and also allow others opt-out.

Lemme know if you want help out with tasks so I can grant you admin privilege and AWS access

Thanks for making this list and your contributions! I’ve been busy with work recently but I can take a look this weekend

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Added Google/Facebook login. This message will be sent to new users (only if they don’t skip the tour):

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