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A couple days ago I went to a hot pot restaurant, and they were playing ๆญปไบ†้ƒฝ่ฆๆ„› by ไฟกๆจ‚ๅœ˜ which was realeased in 2002.

Honestly, I am still surprised by how outstandingly composed and arranged this song was when compared to the music from Taiwan in the same time period.

So I dug into it, and found the original song, by a Korean singer Park Wan Kyu

Good stuff.

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Japanese post-rock band. Their music is symphony among rock music.

One of their most famous (starts at 1:20)

Personal favorite:

I have a feeling an old acquaintance (R.I.P. Mihael Keehl) would have enjoyed this. :slight_smile:

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Ah I went to their Live, asked a friend who also likes Mono to come with me and he said โ€œWhyโ€™d you want to go to a post-rock live?โ€ I went by myself and found out he was completely right!