Defund the Police?

It’s nice to see some common sense push back to the blanket progressive call to “defund the police”.

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The things bother me most about these “progressive” abolitionists’ position are:

  1. They don’t seem to think of safety as a basic human right. They proposed relocating funds from policing to healthcare, education, and community services. All fine and dandy (and in the long run would reduce violent crimes) but, in my opinion, safety has a higher priority than all of these. I’d rather be sickly, uneducated, and lack community support than worrying about being raped, stabbed, robbed, mugged or shot on a daily basis. I do not know if they are being disingenuous or simply naive.
  2. They argue that property crimes not being that big of a deal, probably partly due to many of these people are self-claimed communists or anarchists. I agree that loss of property itself not being that big of a deal. However, property crimes upset and agitate people greatly and too often escalate to violent crimes. And they tend to drag people who are unlikely to use violence normally into violent conflicts in defense of their property.
  3. It’s pretty clear rising crime rates disproportionately affect poor people and racial minorities, who these progressives claim to care deeply about. I suspect the rising support for Donald Trump within minority groups during the 2020 election is largely due to Trump’s “Law and Order” campaign.

I don’t know if these progressive abolitionists didn’t think their stances through properly. Or being punitive is more important of a concern to them than solving problems. It’s a relief that although they are loud, their policy proposalz aren’t very popular (as the recent NYC mayor election has shown). Real elections aren’t like Twitter.

That said, I’m all for being punitive toward particular bad cops, the police union, and bad system design that cost many lives.

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