Bug reports and feature requests

I think it might be useful to create this thread is to collect feedback and ideas that are not already included in Housekeeping Backlog.


So I was thinking of creating a native mobile app for this website, as @shodan reported it would easier to copy-paste texts between a webpage and a mobile app.

Discourse seems to be automatically generating a mobile app for Android, yesterday when I was browsing, a notification told me to download a mobile app and I downloaded it. The app worked perfectly.

I tested on another phone with firefox. You can go to plateia.cc → firefox menu → install app and achieve the same result.

I haven’t yet found any documentation on how Discourse auto generates a native mobile app, and whether it does on a iOS. I speculate the “App” is really just a browser window that takes you to the website.

I’d really want to find out how Discourse did it and provide direct links to download these native mobile Apps on both Android and iOS.

Also added this feature to the housekeeping backlog.

Update: notification also works on my phone.


It’s also easy to add any websites to Home screen in Android Chrome. Go to the Chrome browser → Click the three-dots dropdown menu → Add to Home screen.

For iOS, here’s a thread announcing a native client on iOS for Discourse: Fig - Native Discourse client for iOS - extras - Discourse Meta. I don’t have an iPhone to try out myself though.

Another tip on syncing reading list between Chrome on desktop and mobile phones: you can add websites to reading list on the desktop in Chrome by clicking on the star icon in the URL bar; on the phone, you can go to chrome://flags, search for “reading list” and turn the flag on to “Enabled”. Please also make sure the sync is on in Chrome settings. (Tested on Android; not sure if it’s the same in iOS).